Ref: 8%
Claimed Rewards:
0.00000 Ξ
~0.00000 Ξ
Projected Reflections
10000000 WUK
24h Vol.
1 day: ~$800.00 *
1 month: ~$24,800.00 *
* The projected reflections are just an ideal approximation. The actual amount depends also on the frequency of sells that finalize the collected reflections in ETH.

The Wukoin Token

Born to be part of a big project, Wukoin gives holders access to a multitude of present and future services of the Wukong Project's ecosystem.

Apart from its utilities, the token comes also with some incredible tokenomics features built right in the source code of its smart contract. To help others, the project and yourself at the same time.

Stay Strong

Holders keep getting rewarded with Ether. You can both hold and profit at the same time now.


Part of the fees are collected in the charity wallet to make the world a better place together.


The marketing wallet gets fees and makes incredible marketing campaigns possible.